Alpex Space

Tooling systems for the space industry

Through its core competence of developing customer-specific tooling systems for the manufacturing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) parts, ALPEX Technologies is a reliable development and manufacturing partner for the space industry.

ALPEX is as a full-range solution supplier for special tools and systems for the manufacturing of composites. ALPEX covers everything from the development, design, manufacturing, quality assurance and assembly, to the commissioning support.

Technologies at a glance:

  • INVAR layup tools
  • Collapsible winding mandrels
  • Transport jigs for winding mandrels
  • Handling and automation systems for the manufacturing of composite parts
  • Vacuum assisted trimming jigs for the milling of the final part geometry via CNC machining centers or waterjet cutters
  • Customer specific tools and jigs



Leading companies from the space industry rely on the long experience of ALPEX in the development, design and manufacturing of high quality and complex tooling systems.