Technologies for automated forming of dry fibers and prepregs

The advanced forming of 2D dry fabrics or prepreg stacks is a key element to a cost effective composite production (CFRP / GFRP), especially for today’s and future high-volume production in Aerospace and Automotive industry. Therefore, theautomated forming process is one of the major drivers for a later high-quality RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) or Prepreg curing process.

ALPEX Technologies is a turn-key solution partner for customer-specific 3D forming systems for dry preforms or prepreg stacks. ALPEX engineers, designs and manufactures all required tooling systems from 2D cutting of the fibers to final 3D trimming of dry and pre-impregnated fabrics.

Technologies at a glance:

  • Forming systems for dry and pre-impregnated fabrics
  • Preforming solutions for RTM processes
  • Forming technologies for thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs
  • Advanced 3D-forming technologies for 2D stacks
  • Automated systems with high volume capability
  • Combined forming and curing concepts
  • Integration in turn-key production cells



Major OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers in Automotive, Aerospace and Defence industry reply on the competence and knowledge of ALPEX in the development and implementation of systems for the manufacturing of dry and impregnated preforms for complex composite parts.